The experience of Nelson, tourism student from Portugal

Here you can read about the work experience in the beautiful city of Glasgow of Nelson Silva, from Portugal.

He spent 4 weeks working as intern with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, with Sven and Dylan as supervisors.

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It was a terrific experience for the twenty-year-old tourism student, who got to learn about one of Glasgow’s cultural icons, develop his English and discover new things in the travel industry in another culture. Scotland had an extra bonus for Nelson – “Glasgow is beautiful! There are many Nelson’s monuments here, and Nelson’s my name! There isn’t any monument with the name “Nelson” in Portugal!” J

But it was an important experience for the host employers too. They got help from Nelson with tours, translations and hospitality in events. “We are a small team and we enjoyed working with Nelson,” Sven said. “He helped us in arranging the shop and in welcoming the visitors, especially the ones from Portugal and Brazil”. As the host employers said, he brought more stock to light in their shop. Screenshot 2016-08-24 14.21.40

We highly recommend hosting an intern because it brings other perspectives to the whole society. Thanks to Nelson now we can see things that we haven’t noticed before.” In clearing out some cupboards in the shop, he discovered cards and jewellery that had never been displayed and packaged and priced them so now they are for sale.

Nelson enjoyed spending time with his host family as well – “I like playing tennis with my hostfather. I also have a Turkish sister and a German brother; it’s very funny living with people from different cultures!”

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