To give you an idea about internships in Scotland here are some examples of students and their work in different companies and organisations. Just chose the sector you are interested in and click on the quotes given there to find out more.


“I got to understand a different kind of tourism business than I work with at home, and this has broadened my experience  for work”.

– Nelson, Portugal, intern at Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society  –

“The best experience of my life”.

– Catarina, Portugal, intern at FIKA –

“I loved my internship. Every day I met new people, and learned something different each day.”

Valeria, Portugal, intern at MILK Cafe –

“I’ve learned so many things; its really good for my future.”

– Catia, Portugal, intern at Live Language Cafe-

The experience has changed my life; I’ve learnt to work with different people, be more organised, more mature, and to solve my problems alone using my initiative”.

-Catarina, Portugal, intern at The Glasgow Marriott Hotel –

Health and fitness

“The people were really kind. Everyone wanted to help each other and tried to give us the best experience we have ever had, which they did pretty well.

– Marvin and Oliver, Germany, intern at Herbalife –

Health and Care

“It opened my eyes a little bit, that there are a lot of more possibilities in the world to work and live.”– – Mareike, Germany, intern at Alzheimer Scotland –

“In Glasgow, people are more relaxed and calmer by doing their work and there is a lot of communication which is great”

– Veronika and Franziska, Germany, interns at Possobilities –

 “It has been great to be part of the team and to understand how all the different parts of the practice fit together to share knowledge and information to better support patients.” – Jenny Antonsson, Medical Secretary student, Sweden


“I learned a lot with this experience in my professional and personal development.”

– Maria and Sayra, Spain, interns at Cardonald Private Nursery and Mayfield Nursery –

Retail Fashion

“I learned how to satisfy customers’ need , how retail operation works and
how to make a store looks good.”

– Emilio, Sweden, intern at Impact Arts –


“Now I think I am braver to new and unknown situations and I feel more confident regarding me speaking English.”

 Anne, Germany, intern at Coming Home Centre –

“I am more self-confident and had to act independently”  

– Juliane, Germany, intern at Revolved Retail Trader –

Event management

“You learn from great people who have a huge knowledge. They can give you interesting tips for your future.”
-Mai, Germany, intern at PTPI Ltd. –

IT system integration

The best was the opportunity to work with new people and to speak in a different language”

– Alex, Germany, intern at PTPI Ltd. –

Rural Tourism

“It was really interesting to work there, we learned a lot about Scottish habits, culture and history”

– Raquel and Catarina, Portugal, interns at Clan Calquhoun Museum –