Our amazing trip to the Highlands

Last weekend I went to explore the Highlands with eight other interns. We rented a car and booked a small apartment for the trip. On Saturday morning at 9 o’clock we started in Glasgow. Our first stop was Loch Lomond. It was only an hour’s drive to get there. It’s a nice place. But let me say, we have seen very nicer places!

After we took some photos, we continued the tour to Glen Coe. We had lunch there and took of course again many pictures. I ate my first fish&chips and it was fanatic! Really, you must try this typical food!

After the good lunch, we drove to Fort William. This is the “last” city before the real Highlands start. We bought some food and beer there to be prepared for the rest of the trip (the beer was of course a must because we are all from Germany, so what would we do without some good beer?).

My favourite place during the trip was Glen Finnan. I hope some of you like or better love Harry Potter, if so you have to drive to Glen Finnan. Because there you can have a look at the “Hogwartslake” Normally it called Loch Shield, but I think “Hogwartslake” sounds much better. But there is also something even nicer, the “Hogwarts Express” bridge.

Because “Harry Potter” is one of my favourite movies I was happy to see all these places. After these adventures, we had to drive to our apartment. And this was not so easy as we thought! We had to drive about 5 miles to the middle of nowhere and after a lot of questions and creepy situations we found it! But the landlady of the bungalows was really nice.

After we found our rooms we prepared dinner. It was so nice to eat and chat with so many nice people. We drink some beer (reminder we from Germany) and enjoyed the night.

In the morning of the second day we woke up early and prepared breakfast. We continued the drive to Skye at about 10 am. On the way, we stop at the Eilean Donan Castle. And guess what we did there? Right a lot of pics! We had to drive about one hour to Skye. Our first stop was at Portree, the capital of Skye but we only wanted to see the nature and the waterfalls.

At around 3 pm we left Skye in the direction to Loch Ness.  Just to say it right away, we did NOT see Nessie. L
We only took pictures from the Loch and drove to Inverness. There we ate something at McDonald’s. Our trip ended at 10 pm on Sunday night back in Glasgow.

A little tip if you plan to rent a car too, try to refill the patrol BEFORE you go back to Glasgow. We could find only one patrol station in the whole city! I hope you enjoyed reading my little article and that I could give you a small impression about Scotland’s highlands!


Hogwartslake Eilean Donan Castle

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