New hospitality opportunities with CHASE


Light on the Path has been working with European placement work since 2010 and has seen the huge impact they can have on people´s and professional growth. We also have seen how their confidence and motivation are growing. We have experience of welcome young and some older internships from different countries in Europe to Glasgow. They get the chance to work at companies in Glasgow based on which sector they are working or studying within.

We are now happy to offer a good opportunity for hospitality students to work at four and five stars hotels and fine dinning restaurants in Scotland. They get during their first month knowledge in Scottish culture, the English language, history and knowledge in Scottish food – and drink culture.

We are receiving people from European countries who are staying in Glasgow for five months. In return we are sending hospitality students from Scotland to an European country. We are giving young people in Scotland the chance to gain these same benefits from working in Europe. The project connects Scottish students/apprentices with a wider range of European connections, and promotes two-way exchanges between international partners and host employers and participants alike.

Read more about our new hospitality program here.