Host employers

Wish you had more capacity to get something done? Fancy having some fresh and exotic perspectives about your business? Thinking about exporting to other countries but need language help? We may have a great opportunity for you!

Thanks to the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, we can offer skilled and experienced interns from different European countries who would be delighted to work with you to enhance their English skills and gain broader experience. Many are in work already and all receive living expenses from EU funding, so there’s no need to pay them.

What’s in it for me?

  • It’s free, as they receive subsistence payments through the programme and their internships are exempt from National Minimum Wage, as part of the Erasmus+ Programme
  • You will get an additional member of staff for three to 12 weeks (depending on the intern)
  • They will often have already been working for a couple of years
  • They will generally have good English
  • They will be able to undertake a real piece of work for you
  • They will be covered by their own employer’s insurance, or the programme’s
  • It will give your staff an opportunity to learn more about another country’s work culture

“I’m delighted to have spent the last several weeks getting to know Fabian. He has shown me he has a great outlook on life, is keen to learn and he always conducts himself in a professional manner. I’ll keep in touch with him when he goes home. A big, massive thanks for all the work he put in at Remploy!” Alan Russell, Remploy


“It was brilliant to have Johanna on placement. She was very efficient and thorough, and I could just give her things to do and she would do it. She’s worked on loads of things and got them all done so quickly.  She’ll be missed!” – Marie Chalmers, Total Sales Solutions

What do I have to do as a host?

  • Provide a welcoming and safe working environment
  • Provide meaningful work experience for theyoung person that is also useful to your organisation
  • Follow the learning agreement we work out with you
  • Liaise with us as needed
  • Sign the Europass Mobility certificate at the end to document your intern’s work during the placement

What do I do next?

For further information contact Morag Cassidy on 07771 516474 or click here to complete the form and we will contact you.

Find out more about host employers’ and interns’ experiences here.

Many thanks to Paul Deans of Law at Work for the legal information on Leonardo da Vinci internships!