BUFFF project

We met with lota, who is the chairperson of the board and franchise leader for a few of the rehabs in Sweden.  Lota is a project leader but donates her free time to BUFFF.  The project started in 2000 before Vagen UT in 2002.  They have 9 different offices over Sweden, 1st one started in Gothenburg.  They get funding from the Prison probation service, government and from benefactors who have left money for these types of projects.  They have people who are employed as well as volunteers.  The project is for children who have parents in prison.  Who do activities for the parents as well as the children.  They do different activities such as going to the seaside for the weekend, camps in the woods for up to 20 people, day to day activities, Halloween parties, Easter parties, arts and crafts and they make a news letter which is made by the children themselves and is printed by someone who has been through Vagen UT and now owns their own printing business.  This project not only helps the children understand certain things but helps parents to connect on an enjoyable level.

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