About us

Light on the Path logoLight on the Path is a Glasgow-based company that is passionate about creating opportunities for people and organisations to grow and develop in new ways.  We love innovation, creativity and community, and we love spreading connections around Europe and in Glasgow.

European projects

Light on the Path have been working in European exchange projects since 2008 and now have partners in several countries and have co-ordinated Partnership, Transfer of Innovation and Mobility projects as well as taking part in Transversal study visits and Grundtvig opportunities.

Through our various projects, we have had our own Leonardo Mobility projects sending people to Sweden, we specialize in Erasmus + hosting  and we have worked  with partners in Sweden, Portugal, France, Italy , Czech Republic  and Germany to provide placements in Greater Glasgow.  Participants range from young apprentices, students and  graduates through to social enterprise workers and workplace supervisors in learning organisations. We are always looking for new sending partners to host for and will be developing our own sending application for Erasmus+ VET exchanges in the next application round.


Light on the Path Ltd has two directors, Sabrina Allison and Morag Cassidy, who bring passion, warmth, diverse experience and contacts to our work.

Sabrina Allison, Director of Light on the PathSabrina Allison has had a love of international exchanges since she came from America to Milan for six weeks at the age of 17 and explored a new city and language, while staying with a host family.  Her own family had also hosted exchange students, and exploring new cultures motivated her to study in Cambridge, England while at university in America and then to move to Scotland. Her work in Glasgow for 18 years focused on economic development, social inclusion, through project management and evaluation of national, Big Lottery Fund programmes and local Third Sector projects that innovate to make people’s lives better. She is also a Reiki teacher and has been a leader in the Greater Glasgow Reiki community, giving individuals empowering opportunities to live to their potential. She also runs Fika och Snacka, Glasgow’s Swedish Meetup group.  In 2008, she set up Light on the Path as a sole trader, to be able to take a more hands-on approach to spreading good practice and creating development opportunities and also to make more connections with other countries.  Getting to work with people from different countries through Light on the Path’s various projects and to share her own adopted Scottish culture is a dream come true.  She is also delighted to have Morag as a business partner in the limited company.

Morag Cassidy Director of Light on the PathMorag Cassidy started working in the Third Sector as a child fundraising.  She has had leadership roles in a variety of large third-sector organisations providing innovative development support for lone parents, people with disabilities and long-term unemployed people.  She has developed funding applications for and managed a wide range of large-scale ESF projects and sits on several employability steering groups, from the Scottish Government’s Third Sector Employability Forum to The UK Department for Work and Pensions’ Lone Parent Advisory Group.  Morag is a director of both Scottish Mentoring Network and Glasgow Mentoring Network.  Qualified in social work, adult education and bookkeeping, Morag developed and Centre Co-ordinator for Glasgow Mentoring Network’s accredited award in Peer Mentoring for Vulnerable People and is an Internal Verifier.  Her love of intercultural connections extends to her hobbies, as she and her granddaughters take part in dancing competitions around Europe and America and have a wealth of friends from other countries.